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Always Getting Distracted In Life.
Awesome Nerd gamer Life Music
So i have an interesting stand point in life.
Because everything right now is at a distance.
not just metophorically.
finding a job.becoming a singer.
or even making my life atleast a tid bit better.
i had a livejournal when i was about..idk..preteen?
but it didnt last long...well awhile.but that was years ago.
iv had my share of some loser ex's/parents bull shit/sibling rivalry/and yeah...much more.
i never finished school.nor plan on any colleges.
i tell people that and they all get this vibe like...
"ohh must have been bad and kicked out."
annnd,that is never even close to the real case........
im currently an "Adult."
and afew people im close too know i can be a rebel,at times.
job searching is my number one priority in life at the moment.
but to be honest...
my heads filled up with life and how is SHOULD be.
how drugs should go away.
Why did John Lennon die?
how many times in your childhood did you ever find a 4 Leaf clover?
Isnt Music Beautifull?
i should grow my hair out..
i should sing for people with broken hearts.
i shouldnt be here.
Now my life wasnt alll so great.
but everyone has a diffrent standpoint....
But Mine right now,..
Why is there stupid ads on the net?


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