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Life Went By So Fast In One Week.
The Fact That I Might Have To Leave The State..OR Country...
Its madness.
The Fact I Had A Dream Of Michael Last Night Is Bugging Me Aswell.
Cause In My Dream.I Didnt Want To Let Him Go.
I Was Panicking.
I Have No Clue Why.
Oh Well.Dreams Are Dreams.
Im Really Craving Some Donuts Aswell :)
In All Honesty.
Im Happy.Life Around Me Is Messy.
But Myself And Spirit.Im Happy.
No Matter What Road I Go Down.
I Also Realized that i cannot stand when a person uses their actions or words to overpower someone.
Its Gross What Humans Are Capable Of.
Its even more gross when they use it against their own.
Enough of humans now.

back to me...
I Need A New Cell.And Number.
No Idea When That Will Happen..
just trying to stay stress free at the moment..
vanessa and gage leave for texas on saturday morning.
since my dad is in a mess..
we MIGHT leave for that place on saturday..and my mom MIGHT leave for the concert.
but not everything is settled right.
another messy week.
life life life.
oh and Michael...stay away from my dreams.....


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